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We know the world has

gone a little mad.

We are going through a time of uncertainty, instability, and anxiety – especially if you own or operate a business.  

Are you

feeling the effects?

Grounded cars

A warehouse or lot full of beautiful cars that aren’t earning income, just collecting dust and interest?

few customers

Few or no customers in sight now that holidays are cancelled for the year?

spiralling costs

Still have to pay rent, infrastructure, staff, and all the other little costs that just keep coming?

Here at moneyBro, we're in the business of

making life easier.

utilise your assets

Instead of paying to store your vehicles, start using them again to earn yourself an income.

generate income

Pivot away from a stagnant marketplace and start turning a profit in a new way. 

build longevity

Build sustainable alternative income streams that will make your business stronger. 


Increase the utilisation of your assets by hiring your cars to our clients for up to 12 weeks.

step 1.

Appropriate clients are selected from a pool of hundreds enrolled in our “get loan ready” programs. 

step 2.

We refer eligible and vetted clients to you to organise car hire. 

step 3.

Client hires car for up to 12 weeks and pays you directly on a weekly basis. 


we know

what you're thinking.

What’s a Money Bro and why would I partner with them? I don’t know them from a bar of soap. 

01. We are

good at meeting the client.

marketing legends

We process up to 2,000 applications per month and we are continuously growing. We can refer as many qualified clients as you want. 

useful network

We already have a strong network in the automotive sector who trust us and rely on us and who we refer our clients to on a regular basis. 

tech ninjas

Our team operates 100% online and we use the latest digital methodologies and platforms for efficiency and quality of service. 

02. we have a

sweet team.

Across our entire team we have more than 100 years of experience. We focus on diversity and rave-worthy culture. Our team comes from banking/finance, collections, telecommunications, sales, academia and research, and the automotive industry. 

03. We have

unbeatable leadership.

Money Bro was founded by Timi Reedy and Lauren Vogel, who continue to operate the company on a daily basis. Their diverse experiences and backgrounds give strength in vision and implementation.  

Timi has lived and breathed cars and finance since he was 16 years old and begged the Dealer Principal at Mitsubishi to let him become a sales person. Fast forward to now and Timi has been in the automotive/finance industry for almost 30 years across 5 different countries. He currently owns and heads multiple businesses in the automotive, finance, tech, and marketing space.
Timi Reedy
Group Managing Director
Lauren has a doctorate in Psychology and worked in academia for a decade before moving into the automotive and finance sector. Lauren specialises in data analysis and has consulted on projects for the United Nations, various police services, and not-for-profit entities. She currently owns and operates multiple businesses in the automotive, finance, education, and marketing space.
Lauren Vogel
PhD, B.Psych (Hons), Cert IV Finance & Mortgage Broking

Sign up by 30 May 2020 and

never pay an up-front fee, ever.*

Yes, this means the $120 upfront fee will not be charged for any future client we refer to you!

Fill in your details to get a call back – or give us a call direct on (03) 8820 5663.

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*The initial referral fee of $120 will be waived for all clients we refer who hire a vehicle. The ongoing weekly payment of 30% will still apply (beginning week 1 of the hire period).

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