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Register for Banking Rehab today and get instant access to all the inside knowledge you need to get approved for finance in 90 days or less.

As a bonus, you also get access to a hire car for the entire time you are enrolled in Banking Rehab!

This course is normally $1497, but because you’re a MoneyBro approved client we’re offering it to you for FREE. There are only limited spots available though, so get in quick!


What is

Banking Rehab?

In Banking Rehab we give you the tools of trade. Get all the inside knowledge you need to…

01. Get approved.

Massively improve your chance of getting approved for any type of finance – vehicle, personal, business, or mortgage.

02. For more money.

Use our super simple tips to get approved for the maximum possible amount. 

03. with lower repayments.

We’ll show you how to present yourself as a better risk to a lender. Better risk means you get a better interest rate, which means lower repayments.

04. and better your future.

Banking Rehab is not just about getting approved now. Learn how to easily build a strong financial future – no matter what your current situation is. 

Did someone say that

i get a car?

You heard right!

As part of Banking Rehab, you get exclusive access to our partner hire car network.

Paying for a hire car is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate that you can afford and manage regular weekly repayments, which increases your chance of approval down the track.  


you get a car for 90 days

Did we mention you get a car? Any type of car! Our partners operate all over Australia, including country areas. How cool is that!?


affordable payments

You get to show a potential lender that you can afford to make weekly repayments on a vehicle without getting yourself into financial trouble.


financial management

Use all the super simple tips and tricks we teach you in Banking Rehab to show a lender how well you manage your finances to make weekly on-time payments. 


90 days?

Many of our clients get approved much quicker than 90 days.

It depends on what your banking looks like to start with and how quickly you apply the tips that we teach in Banking Rehab. 

We have checkpoints throughout Banking Rehab where you submit your bank statements so we can see how you’re going. If you’re eligible at any of these checkpoints our team will get in touch with you. 

Banking Rehab

Get started.



We usually offer Banking Rehab as a paid course, but because you’re a MoneyBro approved client you get it for FREE. However, there are only a limited number of free spots available, so get in quick.


log in.

A new lesson is released through our online portal once a week. Remember – the clients who take the time to engage and apply the tips are the ones who get approved quicker.


get a car.

Once you’ve registered and logged into the online Banking Rehab portal, a representative from our partner network of hire cars will be in touch with you to organise your wheels. 

So, want to

get approved in 90 days or less?

We only have a limited number of FREE spots available for our clients, so make sure you get in quick!

Register for Banking Rehab today and you will:

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